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- Nordic soundscapes for viola and electronics

Electro-acoustic performance Seidr brings together past and future. The name itself is a reference to this. Seidr was a type of Norse magic practised in the stone age that both predicted and shaped the future.

The performance was envisioned by violist Hanna Hohti, who commissioned works by Perttu Haapanen from Finland, Þráinn Hjálmarsson from Iceland, Tine Surel Lange from Norway, Jesper Nordin from Sweden and Josefine Opsahl from Denmark. Hohti will weave the works together on stage with her viola and electronic elements produced by Anders Pohjola. 

Seidr emphasises the shared history and long interaction of cultures in the Nordic region through composers from each of the Nordic countries. The electro-acoustic form of the performance predicts future trends in classical music – perhaps even shapes them.

Tine Surel Lange: Ginnungagap 

Jesper Nordin: As if tied to a string 

Þráinn Hjálmarsson: Equivocal

Perttu Haapanen: intoNations

Josefine Opsahl: Seidr

Here's a little taster of Seidr

Duo Hohti - Kuvaja 
Englantilaista kamarimusiikkia alttoviululle ja pianolle

In their concerts, Hanna Hohti and pianist Anna Kuvaja bring out gems of chamber music from early 20th century England, whose music exuded the winds of impressionism, romanticism, and folk music.

The duo's first album York Bowen & Rebecca Clarke - Sonatas for viola and piano will be released on  ALBA records in February 2024. On the album, the sonatas are played with gut strings and a Pleyel grand piano.


Kotilo is a chamber music series, where the living rooms of people are transformed for one evening into meeting places for high-quality music and critical speeches. The concerts are streamed for everyone to see on the YouTube service. Hanna works as the artistic director of the series together with violinist Terhi Paldanius.

Kino Soi! 
- chamber music at Kino Tapiola

Local chamber music beacon Kino So!i has been bringing new and old chamber music gems to the 1950's movie theater Kino Tapiola since 2017. Hanna works as the artistic director of the series together with Petja Kainulainen, Liina-Mari Raivola and Markus Hohdi.

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