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Hanna Hohti is an artist who dives into the phenomena of different eras and creates versatile concert contents for everyone. In the past year, alongside with traditional concert halls Hanna has performed in a dairy, a barn, a movie theater, and a theater stage.

At the 2022 Helsinki Festival, Hanna premiered her solo performance Seidr, which is an electroacoustic concert consisting of five pieces for viola and electronics written especially for Hanna, one from each Nordic country. The concert was described in the newspaper Huvudstadsbladet as an "Artistic act of bravery". 

Hanna Hohti performs rarer chamber music repertoire for viola and piano from early 20th century England together with pianist Anna Kuvaja. The duo plays on gut strings and a 19th century grand piano. Hanna and Anna’s first album will be released in 2023 and will include sonatas from York Bowen and Rebecca Clarke. 


Since 2017, Hanna has expanded Tapiola’s chamber music scene by running Kino Soi! concerts in the 1950’s movie theater together with Petja Kainulainen, Markus Hohti and Liina-Mari Raivola. Kotilo concerts, organized in homelike spaces, combine critical talks and chamber music. Hanna Hohti has organized these concerts since 2020 together with violinist Terhi Paldanius. 

Hanna Hohti’s work has been generously supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Taike and Koneen Foundation.

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